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Not necessarily all the accounts we use online disappear after our death. Facebook, for example, is without doubt home to many hundreds of thousands of accounts that belonged to people who are now dead, so we are talking about the largest cemetery in the world. The data stored there remains online, accessible, without any restrictions of any kind.

If the retention period varies depending on the company concerned, it is – systematically – necessary to initiate certain administrative procedures to have this information completely deleted. (We could cite Twitter and Google etc.) This involves carefully collecting several documents for the deceased’s loved ones, as well as tedious reminders to send to all the services holding this/these account(s).

A simple way to save your loved ones carrying out these drawn-out, painful procedures is to entrust GrantWill with the removal these accounts. By signing up to this service, which is valid for an unlimited time, you leave it to GrantWill to take these steps for you.

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By selecting this option, you can appoint GrantWill in your personal space to close your different digital profiles on the Internet. 8€ / For life
The GrantWill team has absolutely no access to your data which is stored in total confidentiality