European leader in post-mortem transmissions

GrantWill is the guardian of your life and your online personal and administrative data. Stay connected and send personalised messages on specific dates to your nearest or your enemies after your death. Send your important information, inform your heirs about your financial assets and manage the future of the whole of your online identity.

Your guardian angels

1st step

Choose the person, or persons, you trust the most. They will inform us when you pass away.

Your loved ones

2nd step

Nominate the persons you wish to be informed of your death with a standard or personalized email.

Your private messages

3rd step

Write your own messages and choose one or several recipients.

Your vault

4th step

Upload your private information concerning your secrets, financial assets and social media account information.

Grantwill :

A vault fot all your data and last wishes

about :

The idea for GrantWill came to me on my 40th birthday. I had invited all my friends and family for a big party. It was an unforgettable birthday! We took photos and made videos so we wouldn’t forget. I posted some of these on-line I wanted to thank everyone individually and tell them what I thought of them. Then I thought about what would happen when I was no longer around.

We forget to say the important things all too often, assuming that everyone knows. But we have a lot to say, like all of those intimate or shameful secrets we have never been able to express. And what about all of those memories on my social media accounts, what will become of them? Not forgetting all of the paperwork, investments and life insurance… I want to be sure that my heirs are aware of what they are due, don’t you?

Digital identity

Your accounts contain so many memories. Decide what to do with them...

Financial assets

If you have investments or a life insurance contract. Be sure they will be passed on to your beneficiaries


Store all of your private and financal data in this safe secure place, so that it can be passed on to your loved ones.

Life experience

You have learnt and are continuing to learn so much about life. Pass this wisdom on to your dearest and live on though them.

What people have nee, saying about...

About grantwill!

Letters to send after my death? Really?


27 years old
What about my cat? Who will feed him after my death?


27 years old
The social network of immortals? Being a user means being immortal?!


29 years old
I love it! I will definitely sign up!


35 years old
You are all absolutely crazy!


24 years old
So I can say anything I want after my death, is that right?


48 years old
Communicate from beyond? Is it really possible to send messages whenever I want to?


33 years old
What about my Facebook and Instagram accounts? What will happen to them after?


36 years old
I hope that your website is very secure! If I'm going to entrust you with all of my secrets!


45 years old
What a crazy idea!


29 years old

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The GrantWill team has absolutely no access to your data which is stored in total confidentiality