How does it
work ?

How does it work ?

GrantWill is your ally for the last step of your life, guaranteeing the security of the personal data you want to send to your relatives after your death. Don’t be afraid, we will all die one day. Nobody lives forever. Nowadays we live faster than before, time flies. This can make things difficult for our relatives and loved ones. What better way to store your personal data for them via a secured digital vault?

What could be better than managing your life after your death?

But how? Subscribe on GrantWill, it is easy and you can store whatever you want!

Choose your guardian angels

Who should they be?

People you trust: friends, cousins, your lawyer, your doctor... whoever you want. Enter their email addresses and they will initiate the sending of your messages and personal data, after your death.

Provide the contact details of your relatives

My circle

With Grantwill, all off your nearest and dearest will be informed that you have passed away. Nobody will be left unaware. Just enter or import their email addresses. You can write your own personal Good Bye Message or we will send a standard message. If you want, you can also specify that some of them are not informed of your death!

Write your personalized message

to one or all of your nearest and dearest

You are free to write what you never dared to say and ask us to send it to whoever you want. You can also choose the date of dispatch, immediately after your death or on a specific date, a birthday or the anniversary of a key event of your life… Prepare your message and specify the day it is to be sent. Don’t be shy and let it all out, free your mind before leaving this world. GrantWill is your ally.

Write your diary

We all have secrets

We all have secrets and feelings we don’t necessarily share. Here you can entrust your secrets, inner thoughts and have no fear of being judged. It’s easy, you can write it from any device you want. Feel free to keep your diary for yourself or share it with your loved ones. It’s entirely up to you.

Keep calm


When a guardian angel notifies us that you have passed away, we will send you a message to make sure that this is not a mistake. We do that to avoid sending your data before you leave our world. If there is no answer from you within 48 hours we will open your vault and send your documents and messages to the specific people you have chosen.

Fill up your vaults

Administrative, online identity and practical information vaults

How many people are unaware that they are beneficiaries of a life insurance policy or a financial investment? Finding this out through the banks can be so long and tedious. Thanks to Grantwill, be sure that your beneficiaries will be fully informed by indicating their names in your personal space. administrative vault.

With GrantWill you decide what to do with your online identity, even after you pass away. You can give whoever you desire access to your social media accounts. You can leave instructions to your relatives about this: whether to keep the accounts active, close them or just tell them to do whatever they think is best with them.

GrantWill allows you to let your relatives know where the important things are hidden in your house so that they won’t have to look for hours and hours with no success. Tell them where the spare keys, administrative papers and other important things are. Make things easier for them!

Store all your documents in the same place. Then, according to the size of your documents and memories you can choose to subscribe to the “Even More” option and add a further 2Go if necessary.

Don’t worry, all of the information you store in your vaults will be encrypted. We ensure optimal protection.

If we have forgotten something, take a look on the FAQ or send us an email We promise to reply as soon as possible.

The GrantWill team has absolutely no access to your data which is stored in total confidentiality