What is GrantWill?

GrantWill is the guardian of your last wishes! It is both a vault for your online identity administrative and private documents, your last messages and your secret diary.

We help you to prepare your succession with peace of mind, ensuring that all of your nearest and dearest will be informed when it is time; by storing all of your data for it to be passed on to whoever you choose in total security. You can also use GrantWill as a secret diary which you can keep as private and confidential as you wish.

How does it work?

You just need to create an account to gain access to your personal space and make use of all of our services.

  • You then nominate your guardian angels and provide a list of all of your nearest and dearest
  • You can then write messages to which you can add photos or videos.
  • You can also fill your vault with your data.

After your death, we will send the messages and information to the recipients you have designated. Basically, we look after passing on whatever you want to be passed on.

Why use GrantWill when I could just save all of my last wishes and messages on a hard drive or a USB stick?

Because GrantWill guarantees the correct transmission of the information to the persons in question. Each one will receive their message without anyone else knowing about it. Our service guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of your data. If they were just stored on storage devices such as hard-drives or USB sticks, they would be accessible to anyone, not just those for whom they were intended, the data could also be corrupted over time. And even worse, they might never even be found.

Guardian Angel

What is a guardian angel?

The guardian angel is a key person nominated by you. Essentially they are the guarantor of your will. They will pass on the information about your death when the time comes and authorise the transmission of your personal data.

This is why you must select your guardian angels as soon as you sign up to the site. You could choose a relative, friend, partner, or even someone exterior like a doctor or a solicitor… They will set off the essential processes associated with your death.

Do my guardian angels have access to my information?

No, at no time do your guardian angels have access to the information you want to share.

How many guardian angels should I nominate?

You can nominate up to ten guardian angels. We recommend that you nominate at least two to be sure.

How will they know that they are my guardian angels?

When you confirm your nomination of a guardian angel, we will send an email to them to tell them what will be expected of them.

Will they have to pay to declare my death?

GrantWill is free for all of its users, the dedicated area for guardian angels is also free. They will have nothing to pay..

Can I be a guardian angel and a user at the same time?

Yes of course. In your personal space you will find a tab marked “I am their guardian angel” which allows you to be aware for whom you are a guardian angel.

I am a guardian angel: do I need to create an account to notify a death?

When the person in question dies, you just need to go to the GrantWill home page and click on the “Are you a guardian angel” link?”.

Then enter the email address that was used to inform you of your status as guardian angel and then click on “Receive my password”.

If you need to provide us with a death certificate here is a link to the public service website where you will find details of the necessary procedures for a death certificate:

Use and operation

What should I do if I cannot connect to my personal space?

Just click on “I have forgotten my password” on the login page, enter your email address and you will receive a new temporary password.

How do I attach files to my messages or my vaults?

To attach a file to your messages or the information in your vault, once you are connected to your personal space just upload them to “My files”. Then click on “Attach file” and select the file(s) you want to add. The “My Files” space is your GrantWill Cloud. You can even download them to your computer from this space.

How will you be informed of my death?

Your guardian angels will inform us through their dedicated area, this will launch a confirmation procedure. Whether you have selected the “You Never Know” option or not we will systematically send you an email to confirm this. You will then have 48 hours to cancel the notification of your death. Failing this all of your data will be individually sent to each of your beneficiaries.

How will you inform my nearest and dearest of my death?

We will inform your nearest and dearest by email using the contact details that you will have provided or imported.

How will my nearest and dearest receive the information that I have prepared for them?

Your nearest and dearest will receive an email from GrantWill containing a link allowing them to download the various private information, such as messages, videos, photos, secret diary, digital, administrative and practical data via a secure connection.

What will happen to my GrantWill account after my death?

Your GrantWill account will be closed once all of your information has been sent to your beneficiaries.

Our services

How much do the services cost?

Use of the safety deposit boxes, messages and personal diary on GrantWill is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

We also supply you with 10 MB of storage space, available from when you first open an account with us, enabling you to use it for storing administrative documents, photos etc. that you wish to transmit. 

We also propose two new Premium products, on an yearly subscription basis. The rates at GrantWill are the best on the market and have no bearing on the high quality of our service. We take it very seriously to offer you the best possible user experience and we provide a very fast reaction to any requests or claims you might wish to make.  

  • 1. The Premium option:
    • For €14 you are entitled to an additional 2 GB that you can use for storing photos, videos and any important documents you might wish to transmit. This storage space is available for the entire term of your subscription. At the end of your subscription, you can recover the stored files for 3 months longer. Subsequently, your files will be deleted for once and for all and, accordingly, will not be forwarded to your loved ones.
  • 2. The Premium + option:
    •  For €37, we can provide you with reinforced security by means of a “Verification by death certificate “. What this means is that the “Guardian Angel” reporting your decease must submit to us (via the website, in pdf/jpg format) a copy of the death certificate mentioning all the information needed to identify the deceased. Each certificate received is carefully checked and validated by our team within 48 hours of its reception.
    • This option also entitles you to 30 GB in addition, that you can use for storing photos, videos and important documents that you wish to transmit. This storage space is available for the entire term of your subscription. At the end of your subscription, you can recover the stored files for 3 months longer. Subsequently, your files will be deleted for once and for all and, accordingly, will not be forwarded to your loved ones.

Manage the future of your digital identity

-How does this service work?

Once you subscribe to the “Manage my digital identity” option, a new feature is unlocked: GrantWill is then added to your circle. This gives you the option to select "GrantWill" as your contact to send your information to in your digital safe.

In this way, it will be communicated to us after your death, after which the account will be manually deleted.

- Once this option is purchased, how long is it valid?

Once you subscribe to it, this option is valid for life.

- Can I have as many accounts deleted as I want?

Absolutely! Simply add as many “close-out accounts” as you like to your cart, and be sure to add “GrantWill” as your contact to send the information to. You can then have as many accounts deleted as you want.

- How can you be sure that these accounts will disappear, not being there anymore

When you sign up, we undertake a commitment through a contract that we email you to proceed with the necessary steps to delete your accounts.

Manage the digital identity of a deceased person

- How does this service work?

By subscribing to this option, you entrust GrantWill with the responsibility of carrying out in your place all the steps with the various service providers, until the account(s) concerned is/are deleted. Once the account(s) is purchased, a member of our team will contact you at the address provided on your GrantWill profile to gather all the information and documents necessary for the deletion process.

- Why are there two different options?

The steps to be taken are not the same depending on whether you have the login credentials of the deceased. This is why we wanted to give two different options, conscious that in certain instances, the administrative steps with account holders can be cumbersome and require special monitoring.

- Once this option is purchased, how long is it valid?

We do not impose any time limits; the steps are taken only when you decide.

- If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can! From the date of purchase, you have one month to get a full refund.

What payment methods are available?

All the transactions made using GrantWill are secure and subject to 3D Secure checking by our partner, LCL.

For the time being, you can pay with your VISA card; other means of payment are being investigated.

Handwritten will


Yes, sending on your handwritten will to your loved ones by GrantWill is completely free.


Only the handwritten will you have written is legally recognised, but you still have to be able to find it.

Keeping a copy on GrantWill lets you send it to the loved ones you have appointed with the option of specifying where to find the original so that it can be compared.


All documentation is available on the Will page! You will find advice specifically on writing your holographic will.


What is GrantWill’s personal data policy?

GrantWill takes every precaution concerning the private and confidential nature of its users’ data.

Grantwill is registered with the CNIL, n°1968780.

Our website us designed such that our staff have no access to any of the content, files, photos or videos uploaded to your personal space. Your personal data is protected and will not be shared with any third party.

Are my documents and data stored in total security and privacy?

Our servers are protected and secure. All of the data in the vaults is encrypted. No one can have access, not even GrantWill. We can only delete your account once all of the items have been sent.

In compliance with the articles of the law dated 6th January 1978 concerning information technology, data files and personal liberties, the automatic processing of personal data via --- is covered by a declaration to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL – National Information Technology and Liberties Commission) under the registration number n°1968780.

Content and data

What kind of data can I store on GrantWill?

Administrative data such as documents related to your testament, your financial investments, official testament and life insurance documents.

Personal data such as the usernames and passwords for the various internet sites that you use.

Photos and videos to accompany thesecret messages that you want to send to your nearest and dearest after you have gone.

A secret diary if you want to confide everything.

How do I designate the person or persons who should inherit the various types of data?

Whenever you add data: message, administrative document, digital data or investment, the list of your beneficiaries will be displayed, you can then just select the name of the person or persons to whom it should be sent after your death.

Can I really say anything I want?

You can say whatever you want! GrantWill will not however be held responsible for the information that you choose to reveal. In other words, if you want to get things off your chest… We will not take responsibility.

Can I make changes at any time?

Your account will remain accessible and modifiable at all times. Only you will have access. You can add messages, documents or data whenever you want and attribute them to one or a number of beneficiaries. You can even change your choice of beneficiaries at any time.

Is there a limit to the storage space?

Non, vous pouvez souscrire aux options “PREMIUM” de 2Go ou 30 Go supplémentaires autant de fois que vous le souhaitez.

To what extent are the documents I have uploaded to my account legally valid?

GrantWill provides you with a highly secure storage area and ensures the security of your documents. These are no substitution for the originals which are legally valid. The documents for your relatives are stored for information purposes only. This will help them to complete the necessary procedures for your succession and to look after your on-line identity and data.